Transcrição Vídeo – 13 min

Good morning it’s Wednesday. It’s about 8:26 and I just dropped Elton at daycare and now I’m heading to work. It’s being a long time since I’ve done this regular daily video. Hasn’t being very much interesting going on recently so maybe that’s why but today I just felt like making a video. 

Alright, I’ve being biking to work everyday except today and yesterday because I’m a little sick, you can hear my voice. I want to talk about a few things that had been changing in this channel, I have a list: first thing on my list is trying to make less videos. I’ve been making a lot of videos and sometimes I make videos because I felt like I should rather than because I wanted to or because I really had something going on to share and its resulted in something that maybe is not worth watching. Although it’s a documentation of life and it’s kind of a whole point of this is to share with, originally friends and family, and all you people who also have come along for the ride. It’s something I don’t want to make stuff just because. I want to make stuff that is good because I wanted to be creating something worth watching. I feel like, in a way it’s easy for something like that to getaway with you and you just keep doing because you’d being doing and it doesn’t go anywhere. So I kind of want to give myself freedom to create and to experiment, specially with this channel and this space. It’s something that I view as being my area where I can do whatever I want and I’m so thankful that there are people who have subscribed and want to watch what I’m doing in the regular basis, and that means so much to me. If you have subscribed and you don’t see any of the material that you originally subscribed for, I’m sorry about that. It might comeback, there might be revisitation of all kinds of things that I’ve done in the past but I wanted to be something that is moving forward all the time and I wanted to give myself freedom to experiment and just create and to try stuff to really just be free here. I needed it to be mine and real and something that is somewhere of an outlet, a creative outlet for me. I don’t think things are going to chance a whole lot but I just hope that this will keep as a forward motion. I wrote a few more things on the list but I don’t know if I’m going to talk about those. 

You know what needs to be added to the vlog? Our chart. So this is our lunch rating system. I don’t know why it’s called “lunchees” probably something crosswords. Anyway, this are the restaurants, number of people that went and average rating that was given. So what is the one that is on the top now? Grande Grill? Why I never even heard of that one. Nine point five (9.5) why I’ve never been there? There’s only one vote, c’mon! That’s a little, alright. Now she is explaining herself, she is the one who gave the vote, right there. But it’s a little silly that one person can go to a restaurant and give an extremely high vote and than it wins. Or and extremely low vote and that it loses. I think we need a better system or we need to refine the system. You can code some kind of form that works perfectly every time. Actually I think the system works just fine. 

I’m leaving work earlier today because, today its Elton’s birthday. So I’m going home to prepare somethings. Make a big surprise, it’s going to be nice. 

He had specific instructions on where we should hide his gifts for when he comes home. Alright, I think we’re all set here. Now just time to go get him. 

Elton has requested sushi for dinner for his birthday, so I’m going to get it now. I got the sushi and I’m heading home. Radios for birthday gift. He loves them. Vanilla Coke? Wow! 

Just came for a quick evening walk. I take a lot of evening walks nowadays. Sometimes it’s the only moment of the day that I get for myself. So nice to just walk and empty my head. Think about nothing or everything. Today has been a pretty good day, Elton really love his birthday gift or one of his birthday gifts, he got a few today. But I have a feeling that we’re going to be communicating by two way radio a lot this fall. All of that stuff I’ve said earlier today in the studio was really from the heart and I don’t feel I owe anyone an explanation. You know, it’s just what I was feeling and how I still feel. And I just wanted the freedom to experiment and create. Just be wild and free somewhere. There are so many things in life that are routine and kind of mundane. Not that the rest of my life is boring, you know its kind of regimented and thats okay, its just how it has to be. But at least if there is one place in my life that I get to be “crazy”. 

Thats it for today and being new and crazy. This wasn’t that new and crazy. Anyway, I’ll see you next time which might be tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thursday, you know what Thursday is. 

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